Fight Them! (Demo)

About:Fight Them! is a personal project I had created with the old arcade retro beat 'em up  games in mind. I had a lot of fun working on this project and it had really helped me understand a lot about the role that animations play in the game itself. I was very challenging trying out pixel art for the first time but overall it was a very fun experience. All sprites were hand drawn using the Aesprite pixel art program. 

Game Summary: You are a dark summoner named "Corrupt" who has to fight hordes of enemies under an evil cultist organization. Fight your way through the evildoers with the support of your summoned comrades collecting power-ups, shadow crystals, and points along your way.Defeat the evil organization to deliver justice once and for all

How to Play:Collect "Power" to level yourself and your summons
Collect [Shadow Crystals] to summon defeated enemies
Collect [Point Stars] to gain more pointsDefeat all cultists and make it to the end!
WASD to Move
Left click to Punch
Q to open your Summon Menu
F to Summon a selected minion
ESC to Pause


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