Don't Freeze

About:This project was one that I found was really fun to make. I had created this game as a submission for the Speed Jam #1 with the theme as Thievery. It was my first ever game jam and it had really taught me a lot about efficient game designing under a deadline. I created most of the sprites by hand using the Krita art program. 

Game Summary: A short game about a cat robber named Felix on a very VERY cold night. The game is around 4 minutes long at most.

How To Play: 
A/D Left/Right
[Space] to Jump
Hold "S" To Slide Down Walls

Collect as many coins as you can and complete the level in shorter times to get higher scores!If you reach any temperature larger than 90 degrees, you become "Flamed" and can damage enemiesDon't reach 0 however... because... ---Game Title---!


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