Angel Irigoyen

Software/Game Developer

A lil' Bit about me!

I am an 18 year old student at Amity Regional High School. In this place you can view the many energetic games I have created for fun, along with drawings of wacky swords and cool characters
A little about me
Hey im Sworda, a Sword Fighter and a Game Designer. I make chaotic games such as bullet hells, fighting games, and rpg games.
I mostly focus on programming and developing gameplay filled with chaotic action and satisfying fights
I strive to express my imagination through my games and my art
As a kid I always had an unlimited amount of creativity and playing video games provided an outlet to express myself. However, I could never fully express myself through just playing these games so I found a solution. To create them myself.

Experienced in
Creating games with C#
Coding with C++, C#, C, Java, Python, SQL, VB.NET
Creating a variety of videogames with Unity
Favorite Videogame
Hobbies Include
Digital and Traditional Art
Playing RPG Games
Creating Video Games
Sword fighting (Kendo and HEMA)
A variety of Martial Arts such as Boxing and Taekwondo
And some D&D sessions with friends

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